Design Systems and the Real World

Presenter: karolus

There’s plenty of talk on design systems—as well as debates on their efficacy. Some systems simply document an existing project, while others can be an effective method to guide and evolve an effective user experience. A well-implemented design system will help boost project success through effective and coordinated design communication that can adjust with changing project needs.

In this session you'll learn:

  • A general overview of design systems and methodologies
  • Why every system is different, and how to evaluate your needs and tailor your system to them
  • Methods to get your design system started
  • Enhancing accessibility and content strategy through elements and components
  • Improving buy-in across disciplines by involving designers and developers to build and test elements—in live code
  • Using your design system to manage holistic and local strategy, and account for changing needs.

This session is geared toward project owners, front-end developers, designers, and user experience practitioners looking to enhance and evolve effective design strategy communication through their projects. 

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