Learn Symfony before you learn Drupal, 8 reasons why

Presenters: ybom

If you’re a new Drupal 8 developer or you aspire to be one, you should seriously consider learning Symfony first! In this presentation, I will share eight reasons why.

With the adoption of the Symfony framework, Drupal 8 became a better structured and robust content management system. The decision to integrate Symfony, though, came with some trade-offs, including added complexity and a complete re-architecting of Drupal’s codebase.

For developers who have worked with previous versions of Drupal and even others who have not, understanding how Drupal 8 works behind the scenes can be challenging.

On a recent project, I was able to dig in and understand how to develop a web application with Symfony, a much lighter and straightforward framework than Drupal. One key take away of my participation in this project was that learning Symfony before learning Drupal can make learning Drupal 8 much easier.

The goal of this talk will be to help you build a better foundation to start (and continue) learning and implementing Drupal 8 projects. Session participants will learn about Symfony and its components and to become more comfortable and confident in writing custom code in Drupal 8.

Session attendees will learn:

· How Symfony works

· How Symfony works inside Drupal

· Symfony components and how are they used by Drupal

· And much more

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