Money & Morality: How to Care About Developing for Accessibility

Presenter: sspector

We've figured out doorknobs, now let's tackle keyboards.

The complexities of emerging technology, merging with the landscape of the legal realm has brought the shortfalls of digital accessibility to the forefront of the modern developer and designers minds.

But in practice, as we boil the user away from our designs, we run in to the brutal reality of businesses. How will this affect my product? How is this going to move my company's needle forward? What can I do?

In this session, we'll cover:

  • Basics on ADA, 508, and WCAG compliance
  • Current impact on large and small businesses (case studies)
  • Value impact of accessibility
  • The intersection of Project Management, Design, and development
  • UI/ UX implications
  • Accessibility planning throughout project process
  • Ethical/Moral dilemmas when building on a budget
  • How to articulate developer challenges effectively

Accessibility can often feel vague in conception and unclear on impact. So let’s get into it - how can we be impactful, profitable, and accessible while still pushing the boundaries of cutting edge design and technology.

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