Helping the Public Get the Answers They Need

Presenters: shawn.mobomo

Presenters: NOAA FIsheries CIO Roy Varghese, Mobomo CTO Shawn MacFarland


NOAA Fisheries legislative mission requires much private sector business and public interaction.  Whether seeking commercial or recreational fishing licenses, supporting trade in marine wildlife products, surveying the health of our oceans, or partnering with citizens to rapidly respond to marine mammal stranding crises, the public needs answers.  See how NOAA Fisheries is enhancing it’s Drupal web presence with a pilot chatbot implementation to enable natural language question driven inquiry to navigate our public web space. 


In this session you will learn about: 

  1. The broad swath of areas within the legislated Fisheries Mission
  2. The need to help businesses and the public to easily navigate these services
  3. A demonstration of our pilot chatbot approach
  4. A technical presentation of the architecture and design process for this pilot
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