Mission-critical Data in the Cloud: Best Practices

Presenters: gen@skvare.com, Slovak

How does your organization treat mission-critical, sensitive, and personal data stored off-site in the cloud? What are the industry best practices regarding disaster recovery, availability, accessibility, security, redundancy, backup, vendor lock-in?

When it comes to your data in the cloud, do you know the difference between system redundancy and system backup? How do you keep your options open from vendor lock-in when transitioning to a different platform? What options do you have when an online provider transitions their offering to a new business model that makes usage prohibitively expensive or ceases operations altogether? When you cancel an online service, what is the data retention policy when you no longer pay the provider?

In the recent years many products and services have moved to the “cloud”. As a result disaster recovery has shifted from hardware failures or software licensing to vendor management. Significant element of committing to a specific set of solutions is the ability to define requirements, allow for flexibility when the tools change or the organization adjusts direction, and the balance of managing the tools by the organization with having a an individual (volunteer, board member) or organizational (vendor, consultant) technology advisor

This session will share many practical options available to your organization. There will be numerous experience sharing opportunities with ample examples. Certain offerings or tools may be mentioned, however, the presentation is about asking the right questions before, during, and after engaging a cloud vendor.

Further, we’ll explore the emerging trend of building your own private cloud. This middle ground affords every organization an option for using the best of both worlds – retaining the control of the tools and at the same time leveraging the many new learned behaviors that have made cloud services so popular. The many available tools can be implemented with moderate IT expertise oftentimes already found within the staff or volunteers of your organization.

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