Salesforce + Drupal = Powerful 360 Degree Connections

Presenters: hopeonesource1

Background:  Salesforce is a database of contacts as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and Drupal is a database of content as a Content Management System (CMS). A surging number of federal, state, and local government agencies use this CRM, as well as the majority of Fortune 500 Companies. A significant number of organizations also use Drupal as their CMS, often with minimal to no CRM integration.

Problem Statements: 

  1. How to effectively, efficiently, and securely bridge these systems to connect people and services with relevant content.
  2. How to provide a custom content experience for each contact with analytics, reporting, tracking and automation. 

Case Studies:  Learn how HopeOneSource, a fast growing social impact non-profit movement is helping address these problems, having helped +500 government and non-government agencies connect their residents to services, including nearly 50% of DC's population experiencing homelessness.

Take-Aways:  HopeOneSource will share how they're helping agencies have 360 degree views of their contacts and content with text messages, calls, emails, dynamic forms with geolocation, and more. Learn how these social impact efforts are helping further increase access to frontline services with dignity, security, and ease.

Desired Participants:  All humanitarian civil servants, data geeks, and open source web developers highly welcome to attend -- as well as collaborate onward!

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