Text, video, audio and voice, oh my! Is your content being discovered?

Presenters: WOStrategies

There is NO set of magical ruby slippers for federal .gov sites. When it comes to SEO - there is no guarantee to rank. Attend this session to learn more about the wizard behind the curtain. In 2020, all major search engines including Google and Bing are now powered by an understanding of the “stuff” of which they are made - or entities. The engines know if you really have a brain (an authority), a heart (trustworthy), or are an expert, and they have selected which topics and subtopics for which your brand could rank. 


They also love to surface micro pieces of content or “Fraggles”. Even if you’ve buried the answer, Google will sometimes find and pull the answer to a searcher’s question with a snippet pulled from deep within your content - whether it’s played back as a voice result, a snippet from an audio or video file, or content scrolls deep on a URL or .pdf. The sites that are adopting this new way of optimizing are top-ranking Those that do not optimize (even .govs) are not ranking for topics that ideally they should “own”.


In this session, you’ll learn how federal agencies, associations, and businesses are increasing their organic traffic footprint by pivoting their content and technical strategy to align with this new reality. We’ll talk about:


  • Control Your Brand Entity - It’s possible to assess and improve your brand’s entity understanding in Google.
  • Attract organic users that don't search - Content is being delivered by Google to searchers who never searched and it has a higher click-through rate than organic search listings. 
  • Dominate voice search - 50% of American smartphone owners make voice queries. Learn how voice search works and how to create a strategy to be found.
  • Break-through personalization filters - In 2020, rank tracking is dead because everyone’s results are highly personalized based on their context. Understanding your target audience is a vital tactic. 
  • The SEO technical changes you need to make now - How specific technical improvements will positively impact your visibility in this new reality.
  • Understand and use Machine Learning - Machine learning is impacting your organic content discovery. Befriend this trend and use it to speed up the optimization of your content. 
  • Choose wisely how to measure organic traffic content in 2020 - Many of these new search features are not measurable. It’s important to know what you can measure and where data might be missing or misleading.
  • Tailor a Future-proof organic traffic strategy - While we can’t predict the future of Google’s algorithm, we can take a historical view that will give us a good sense of where the engine is going. How can you prepare for Google now and what new initiatives should you pursue to be future relevant?


That land that you heard of once in a lullaby where your site is ever-growing in organic traffic and popularity? It's closer than you think. Let this session show you the way. 


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