Wayfinding for the web: An intro to information architecture

Presenters: lvryan

How can complex, information-heavy sites—such as government websites—avoid common user experience problems like information overload, ambiguous language, and confusing navigation? The answer lies in a well-thought-out information architecture (IA) strategy.

In this session, you'll gain a solid understanding of how information architecture works, why it's essential, and what it looks like in practice. 

Topics covered:

  • Common UX problems IA can address
  • Three pillars of IA: Context, content, and users
  • Information-seeking needs and behaviours: How people find the answers they seek
  • Mental models: Understand what your users understand
  • Visualizing information architecture: Top-down vs. bottom-up 
  • Components of IA: Organization systems, labelling systems, navigation, and search
  • Must-read information architecture resources
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