Better Government Websites with Components

Presenters: mariohernandez

In a rapid-changing industry such as web development, the traditional top-to-bottom development approach is no longer practical nor sustainable. Luckily for everyone, a new development approach is quickly becoming the new standard for building robust, scalable and performant Drupal website. Component-based Development focuses on breaking a webpage down into smaller, more consumable pieces and individually build those pieces. This approach is similar to using lego pieces to build great and better things. There are many advantages to this approach for everyone involved in the development process, these advantages include: 

  • Reusable components. Build something once and reuse it as many times as needed. 
  • A living styleguide which becomes the single source of truth for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
  • Better Collaboration between teams 
  • Avoid repeating code and reduce regressions by targeting components and reducing scope of work 
  • ... and much more. 

Come join us and learn how your team of designers, digital strategy, content strategy, site-builders, and developers can benefit from a revolutionary approach to building better websites for the government.

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