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From our start with Capital Camp to the iterations of Drupal Government Days to the Drupal GovCon, we've worked to provide amazing cutting edge training and this year is no different. Registration for training is now open. If you don't see a registration button for a course, we are waiting to get the sign-up from the trainer and will post is as soon as we have it.

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You will need a code to register for any training listed below. The registration code is “DGCTRAIN2021”.

Wednesday, October 13th

Crash Course on Content Assembly for Drupal Sites, by Acquia

Morning Half Day:  9am - 1pm ET

Drupal provides all the tools you need to create a website or web application, but often people run into problems by taking approaches that may sound good on the surface, but can cause problems later. Over time, Drupal site builders and architects learn how to avoid these problems, but usually the hard way.

In this session, you will get a crash course in Drupal architecture & assembly models. We will discuss content and data models at a high level before diving into multiple assembly methods including core blocks, Paragraphs, Layout Builder, Gutenberg, and Acquia Site Studio.You will learn the pros and cons of each approach, what the best practices are, and how to know which methods are the best.

Don’t learn the hard way! After joining this session you will have the tools you need to confidently make great decisions on how to build your next project.

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Getting Started with Drupal, by Pantheon

Morning Half Day:  9am - 1pm ET

Are you Drupal-curious? Just getting started with CMS' and WebOps? This live, three-hour workshop, will take you from understanding what Drupal is, why Drupal 9 matters, to creating basic content, users, and an overview of more complex Drupal features. No prior experience with Drupal or web development is necessary. At the end of this workshop, you'll have an understanding of how content creation in Drupal works, and have a working test site that you can tinker with for as long as you like. Learning Drupal doesn't have to stop after this workshop. You'll get access to a recording of the workshop so you can work through the steps again, plus additional resources to take your learning further so you can leverage WebOps and Drupal to accelerate your workflows.

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Designing User Experiences for Headless Drupal, by Enterprise Knowledge

Morning Half Day:  9am - 1pm ET

Headless Drupal enables content distribution from one central authoring point to many front-end user experiences. In this session, Enterprise Knowledge experts will model how to use journey mapping to design these multi-channel user experiences - and how to use semantic technology to achieve them.

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Deep Dive: Getting the Most out of Drupal Core, by Acquia

Afternoon Half Day: 1pm - 5pm ET

Drupal 9 now has even more core functionality than any other previous version - entities, menus, views, taxonomy, layouts, etc. In fact, it is so useful, that you can do most of what you need without needing any extra modules!

Join us as we dive deeply into Drupal core, and reveal some of the more advanced, powerful and arcane features that are available. We will explore these features together as we look at the practical applications. We will also reserve time for a large group discussion, so bring your questions.

Drupal is the “original” low code framework. With the right information, you can do far more than most people realize.

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Drupal from Development to Production to Scale, by Mobomo

Afternoon Half Day: 1pm - 5pm ET

In this session we will start with a basic Drupal site running on a single AWS EC2 server. From there we will teach you how to decouple and scale the infrastructure into a production environment. We will incorporate multiple AWS managed services such as RDS, elasticache, S3, and Cloudfront and explore the benefits of using these managed services over their self-managed counterparts. At the end of this session you will understand how to architect a production Drupal site running on decoupled cloud infrastructure.

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A Guide to Accessible User Experience, by Aten Design Group

Afternoon Half Day: 1pm - 5pm ET

Does your site comply with all the accessibility standards out there? Does it follow usability best practices? What’s the difference between being accessible and being usable and how do UX and accessibility work together to make the most effective websites? This workshop answers all of those questions by explaining the research behind these concepts and by digging into real-world examples you see every day, and you most likely use on your own sites. Join our Accessibility and QA Specialist, Michaela Blackham, and our Senior UX Strategist, Trevor Calabro, in this workshop designed to clarify complex ideas and give you a practical game plan to start implementing on your own sites immediately.

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Thursday, October 14th

Drupal 101 - The Essentials, by Promet Source

Morning Half Day: 9am - 1pm ET

In this course, Rod will help you discover the power of using Drupal for your online presence. You’ll discover how to get started, learn the important terminology, and work through (yes this is hands on) a proven site building workflow that will take you from zero to a finished website. Along the way you’ll learn about adding features to your Drupal site with modules and how to make your site look great with themes. This workshop is for Drupal beginners. If you’ve ever wanted to get a hands-on full introduction to Drupal - then this is it!

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Designing Custom Content Models and Search Hit Types, by Enterprise Knowledge

Morning Half Day: 9am - 1pm ET

Structured content enables better knowledge management and more effective search results. In this training, learn tips to analyze patterns in unstructured content and use that analysis to design custom content models and search result types (otherwise known as search hit types).

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Git Version Control for Web Development, by Debug Academy

Afternoon Half Day: 1pm - 5pm ET

Wondering why seemingly everybody is using Git on important web development projects? Git takes snapshots of the state of files when changes are made; it is *extremely* helpful in reducing risk on web development projects.

Join DebugAcademy.com's founder, Ashraf Abed, to learn how, when, and why to use Git on your projects.

Audiences: Newbies, Developers, Site administrators, Hobbyists

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Friday, October 15th

How to Build More Accessible Websites with Drupal, by Evolving Web

Morning Half Day: 9am - 1pm ET

It’s easy to fall into the trap of blindly applying rules from a list of accessibility best practices. Knowing how to prioritize and evaluate accessibility issues and solutions is a key skill for today’s web designers and developers. Drupal gives you accessible defaults out of the box, but it’s also important to understand how to keep your website accessible as you add content and features.

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HTML & CSS for Beginners, by Debug Academy

Morning Half Day: 9am - 1pm ET

Are you new to web development and wondering how websites are made? Wondering if a career in web development might be right for you? During this training we will be making our first professional webpage using HTML & CSS. HTML is the markup language used to place content on webpages. CSS is the styling language used to arrange, design, and lay out our webpages.

HTML & CSS are the first step of your foray into web development, and you will continue to use them for as long as your career as a web developer lasts. In this free training, you will be introduced to HTML & CSS and learn how to write semantically correct HTML & CSS using best practices, tools, and techniques to make our site attractive, accessible, and maintainable. You will be given a professional unique image of a design, and we will write HTML & CSS to turn it into a fully functional webpage.

By participating in this training, you will have an understanding of semantically correct code, best practices, and know whether a career in web ( & Drupal ) development interests you.

Audiences: Newbies, Developers, Site administrators, Hobbyists

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