Interested in volunteering during the conference? 

Here's what' you need to know!

Volunteer Schedule

  1. Fill in the Volunteer Schedule with ALL times you're available no later than September 22nd.
  2. Put your name & email address on the "Volunteer Contact Info" tab.
  3. Check out the remaining tabs for key information
    • Roles provide information on your duties
    • Days of the week have the sessions you can volunteer for
  4. Join Drupal GovCon 2020 slack and the #volunteer-support channel.

Sign up for Roles and times that fit your Drupal GovCon interests and plans.

Drupal GovCon is entirely run by volunteers. Planning begins early and there's a role for everyone, from site development to project management to content creation! Why not use your talents to organize an awesome conference! If you're interested in volunteering, please use the volunteer schedule button above.