Cultivating Extraordinary Culture on Distributed Teams

07/24/2015 - 14:00-07/24/2015 - 14:45
Balcony A
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Business and Strategy

The purpose of this track is two-fold - one angle helps you to understand the advantages of Drupal from an organizational leadership angle and the other is to highlight the great Drupal sites and projects you're working on and to show what's possible. These sessions are business focused, and will be non-technical.


Culture is the most essential element in building healthy and high-performing teams. 

A positive work environment makes team members feel appreciated, builds a sense of community, and helps foster overall job satisfaction.

However, all too often, company culture is considered an after-thought, and addressed way too late after the "core" business needs are met. 

The distributed (“remote”) team offers additional challenges, as co-workers miss many of the traditional culture sustaining activities around the watercooler, over drinks, or after work hours.

In this session we will explore the topics:

  • Choosing the best collaboration tools for distributed teams
  • Improving remote team engagement and sustainable performance
  • Building a sense of community and opportunities for learning and growth
  • Best practices for to balancing work and home life
  • Managing conflict, issues and "bad apples"
  • Finding mission, meaning and significance in at work

This session will include both a presentation and a facilitated open discussion to elicit the wisdom of the participants.