Submission Guidelines

Consider the following recommendations when drafting a topic for consideration:

  • Sessions should share knowledge and enhance the community—rather than sell products or services.
  • Preference will be given to sessions that aren’t already available online.
  • We encourage longtime Drupal4Gov and Drupal GovCon presenters to lift as they climb by partnering with other community members and presenters to bring new speakers into the community.
  • To create well-rounded presentations with varied perspectives, we encourage session partnerships between service providers and clients and generally recommend that session presenters represent different organizations.
  • The number of presenters per session is limited. See information in the session types section below.
  • Presenters are required to read and adhere to the Drupal GovCon Code of Conduct
  • Please ensure that your session submissions are thorough, thought out and complete. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.