The Schedule is Up! The Schedule is UP

Mon, 06/22/2015 - 06:55

Thanks to our awesome community, we had nearly 200 session submissions! How crazy is that???  We worked with our speakers, moved some times around to adjust for speaker schedules, and now have a final schedule!  As with life, all things are subject to change, but we’re feeling confident that this is as close to final as you can get when you are a month out.  

In case you haven’t heard - in addition to a great line up of speakers and sessions, we also have some great companies offering training the day before the conference, and some training sessions during the conference as well.   Make sure you take a minute to check them out.  The training is top-notch, and offered at a great value - FREE!

And what would a Drupal event be without social events?  Thanks to our sponsors, we have two kick-off social events.  FFW is hosting a happy hour Tuesday night in their offices near Dupont Circle in DC.  For those of you that live locally or are arriving early, plan to be there!  Mobomo is sponsoring the Wednesday opening night reception in Bethesda, MD (location TBD) and is guaranteed to be a great time! Look for more information on these events - and more, as we get closer to the Con.

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