Socks Off: Client-side Solutions for Live Content Updates

Speaker(s): jwthomps

The advent of the WebSocket protocol has allowed an increasing number of media sites to publish content in real-time via a simple, but powerful, two-way connection between the web server and the user's browser. However, the use of this protocol requires specialized server configuration and maintenance. As a result, the use of this protocol is often cost-prohibitive for small projects or one-time event broadcasts, and possibly forbidden in organizations with restrictions on what technologies can be added to the server.

In this session, we will discuss client-side alternatives to the WebSocket protocol that will allow you to add, remove, and replace loaded page content without a browser refresh. This will be primarily facilitated by a series of live demos, from periodic pushes of ancillary data during a webcast to a full refresh of streaming content at a preset clock time.

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Design, UX, and Accessibility