Birds of a Feather Sessions

Gather together based on shared interests or identities and have casual conversations at a Birds of a Feather session!

What is a BoF?

A Birds of a Feather session (BoF for short) is an informal, fun gathering to discuss a shared interest or identity.  Potential topics could include Drupal and Nonprofits, HAX, [Insert Module Name Here], or whatever's on your mind.

Sounds great! How can I participate?

Check out the BoF Board, which is located near Registration! 

If you would like to host a BoF, simply write in your topic in the appropriate time slot.

If you would like to attend a BoF, come back and check the BoF board often as new BoFs may be added throughout the conference. 

When it's time for your BoF, head to the BoF room, which can be found at [exact room location tbd].

Any tips on how to host a successful BoF?

  1. At the beginning of the BoF, introduce yourself and clearly explain the purpose of the BoF. 
  2. Invite everyone attending to introduce themselves and say why they're interested in the topic.
  3. Facilitate discussion around the topic. Remember, this is NOT a formal presentation. As host, it is your job to give everyone an opportunity to be involved and to keep the discussion on-topic.
  4. At the end of the BoF, thank everyone for coming. If there are resources around the topic or a place to continue the discussion online or elsewhere, share that with the group.