Volunteer Roles

This year, volunteering will be a little different since we're 100% virtual. 

Before you begin volunteering

Before you begin volunteering, please check-in by going to the #drupal-govcon slack channel. 

Any questions about your role will be answered here.  

Hopin "Room" Monitors

Act as room monitor and Tier 1 Tech support.

  • Room moderator and Tier 1: Basic help desk tech support for Hopin sessions
  • Confirm the speaker can connect and share their screen
  • Provide room counts
  • Assist the speaker by monitoring questions in Hopin chat
  • Assure that attendees in the chat know what session is in progress
  • Keep time and notify the speaker(s) when they go over allotted time
  • Share this placeholder GovCon slide during breaks. Slides should include:
    • Session Information
    • Sponsor names/logos

Virtual Help Desk

  • Assist with conference or session related questions
  • Collect session counts from Hopin room session volunteers
  • Assist with resolving any technical issues.
  • Previous experience with Hopin a plus.


Responsibilities of this volunteer role vary, but could include:

  • Hopin room volunteer for sessions
  • Assisting conference attendees in the drupal-govcon slack
  • Volunteers should be comfortable using Hopin