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From our start with Capital Camp to the iterations of Drupal Government Days to the Drupal GovCon, we've worked to provide amazing cutting edge training both in-person and virtually during the pandemic. We are so excited to be offering in-person training again! 

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Wednesday, November 1st

Professional Drupal Module Development Tools (DDEV + PhpStorm/Visual Studio Code), by DrupalEasy

Half Day: 9am-12pm ET

Learn how to set up PhpStorm or Visual Studio Code with DDEV to maximize Drupal module development. Includes phpcs, PhpStan, Xdebug, and other recommended additions. Prerequisites include comfort with DDEV and Composer. 

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Object Oriented Programming with PHP, by Debug Academy

Half Day: 9am-12pm ET

To advance to the next level in module development for modern versions of Drupal, you’ll need to get comfortable with object-oriented programming. In this class, we'll provide a primer on Object Oriented programming, focusing on the aspects that are directly applicable to backend Drupal development. This is beginner-friendly; prerequisites include familiarity with the basics of PHP syntax.

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What am I Getting Myself Into? A Drupal Crash Course for Non-Developers, by Promet Source

Half Day: 1pm-4pm ET

In this course, you will discover the power of using Drupal for your online presence. You’ll discover how to get started, learn the important terminology, and work through (yes this is hands on) a proven site building workflow that will take you from zero to a finished website. Along the way you’ll learn about adding features to your Drupal site with modules and how to make your site look great with themes. This workshop is for Drupal beginners. If you’ve ever wanted to get a hands-on full introduction to Drupal - then this is it!

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CSS in 2023 - Layout, Variables, Organization, and more, with Wes Ruvalcaba

Half Day: 1pm-4pm ET

In this course, Wes Ruvalcaba, Principal Software Engineer at Redhat, will provide practical intermediate level CSS skills training. 

This training will be focusing on the 'why and how' CSS works, core ideas and approaches to give a more mature understanding of the tool. At the end, participants will have a better mental framework for how to use CSS, and hopefully feel more capable and less frustrated by it.

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Thursday, November 2nd

Atomic & Molecular Design with Drupal, by Evolving Web

Half Day: 9am-12pm ET

Atomic and molecular design are great tools to ensure consistency in design language across a website. It can be hard for content editors to use elements from your design library unless Drupal is set up correctly. This course gives front end developers the knowledge they need to build components in Drupal that empower content editors to create flexible, dynamic page designs that also make use of elements of the atomic design methodology.

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Tracking & Controlling your Drupal sites with Site Module & Site Manager, by ThinkDrop

Half Day: 9am-12pm ET

The new Site Module for Drupal, at its core, provides a Site Entity for Drupal sites. Initially designed to track the state of sites remotely, Site & Site Manager are powerful tools that can be used to fulfill a number of use cases, including creating a "Site CMS" to provide a single dashboard to monitor and manage all of your other sites.

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Intermediate Drupal Front End Development Training, by Debug Academy

Half Day: 1pm-4pm ET

Empower yourself by learning the less obvious aspects of Drupal's front end system. Get the most out of render arrays, caching, and twig. This session is for people who may have created Drupal themes and overridden twig files, but are less comfortable creating render arrays, utilizing cache tags & contexts, writing maintainable twig code, and debugging twig. Prerequisites include familiarity with Drupal theming.

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A Practical Guide to USWDS, by Bixal

Half Day: 1pm-4pm ET

Learn how to hit the ground running with the official web design system for the federal government, from developers on the USWDS core team. You'll gain valuable implementation tips, including how to customize USWDS icons, how to use the compile tool, and best practices for implementing USWDS within a custom Drupal theme. Attendees should have a working knowledge of basic visual design and design system principles. Experience with modern frontend development and Drupal theming practices will be helpful.

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