Case Study: Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum Website

Presenter: lynne.walsh

In this session, members of the U.Group team present a case study documenting the strategy and methodologies behind the migration of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum website into a Drupal 8 CMS. This website was comprised of data stored in multiple sources (76 separate databases, over 3,000 html files, 3,000 php files, and over 80,000 (2TB) of images, audio and other media), and was migrated into several content types in Drupal 8. Various migration methods were necessary including, scripted migrations with the Migrate API (from database, CSV and static html data sources) and Feeds imports. The U.Group team will discuss their approach to the migration, including compiling the inventory, discovery, implementation of the migrations, tips, gotchas, QA, and finally, deployment.  

U.Group Presenters:

Lynne Walsh – inventory and discovery, qa 

Ronald Mulero – approach, implementation 

Rian Callahan – approach, implementation 

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