Content Strategy and relation to UX Design

Presenter: junaidmasoodi

Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content and User Experience is basically everything that users feel or think while interacting with a product, which doesn’t necessarily need to be a digital one.

Though user experience and content strategy seem to have similar goals there is too much conflict when it comes to the actual execution. There are often battles between UX and content management teams, especially when it comes to design process. Content strategists and SEO specialists tend to add as much keyword optimized content to webpages as possible, while designers have a hard time fitting that 400-500 word content into the page without impacting the design.

when user experience and content strategy work together, the synergistic effect is much greater than simply resolving conflict. Combining the expertise, skills and mindsets of usability professionals, creative designers, content curators and strategists will not only solve existing problems but will improve the overall communication between them.

Ideally, such brainstorming sessions will help to create a clear vision of the product both from UX and content perspective.

In this session we will learn about:

  • What Exactly Is Content Strategy?
    Core strategy
  • what user stories are and  how to map user flows.
  • How Does Content Strategy Relate to UX Design
  • How Can Content Strategy Benefit From UX.
    Clarity and Readability
    Better Information Architecture
    Focus on the user
    Conversion Optimization
  • The difference between templates and content types.
  • How to prototype with proto-content (and why).
  • How to user test your content.
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