Intro to Preprocess Functions for Frontend Developers

Presenter: abbym

Preprocess functions are immensely powerful - but what ARE they, besides something that looks suspiciously like back-end code lurking in your theme?

While preprocess functions may not fall under traditional the traditional HTML-CSS-JS trifecta of front-end development, mastering their basics can give you better control over your markup, improve your site performance, and lead to a more maintainable code base. In this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • The basic programming concepts behind preprocess functions, aimed specifically at those with little to no backend expertise
  • What preprocess functions can do, why you should bother, and how to decide if a task is better suited to preprocessing, Twig, or both
  • Plenty of real-world examples broken down to the fundamentals so you can adapt them for your own projects
  • Tips on debugging

This talk is aimed primarily at front-end developers who wish to learn more about Drupal-specific theming concepts using PHP.

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