Introducing a New Structure for Entities

Presenter: anthony.veach

Entitree is an upcoming Drupal 8 module from Beaconfire RED that brings a hierarchical structure to entities within Drupal. This structure provides a centralized way to manage access controls, url alias generation, menus, and more. What once required multiple unrelated modules and delicate configuration now resides in a single highly extensible suite of modules.

This session is an introduction to Entitree, discussing what problems it solves, how it can be used, and timelines. We will cover what Entitree provides out-of-the-box, as well as start a conversation about ways that the Drupal community can extend its functionality using the custom plugin types provided. At its core, Entitree builds a structure and makes that structure available to developers and site managers via an API and interface. But it is through the creativity of the Drupal community that we expect the true potential of a content hierarchy to be reached.

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