Love Letter from Your Front-end Developers <3

Presenter: jennycha

Engineers, product owners, and managers. These are the members chosen to create the perfect little Drupal team. But an extra member has been added to the concoction —  a designer! Thus, the Power Team was born. Using their ultra-super talents and skills, they have dedicated their lives fighting bad UI/UX practices and the force of development evil.

Designing and building a large Drupal product should be a piece of cake with the Power Team collaborating together, right?

Even though we all work toward the same goal, we do not necessarily have the same vision in achieving that goal. We also work in high-pressure environments, trying to meet deadlines or client’s expectations, which causes us to lose sight of how to best work in tandem. This can lead a project down a path of miscommunication, bloated timelines, redesigns, code refactoring, and unhappy clients. With a little bit more understanding of each other’s roles, the relationship between the Power Team members can be vastly improved.  

We'll discuss the problems developers face when working with designs and talk through solutions to these issues in an effort to improve communication between different segments of a team. We'll define a common set of Drupal terms and features for teams to use and talk about what's most important to your development team when designing.

Who Should Attend?

This session is for front-end developers, UI/UX designers, product owners, and managers who want to alleviate the pain points felt across the team during the early stages of a project.

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