You’re Writing It Wrong; a Book is Not a Box & Neither is Digital Experience

Presenters: annie stone

Think of your favorite books, their creation very likely started out with the author figuring out what they wanted to say, what message they wanted to communicate, and what story they were going to tell--they did not, I can almost guarantee, start out with the design of their cover, or by arbitrarily deciding how many chapters or pages the book should be. That is because a book is not a box. And neither is a website (or an any other part of your digital experience for that matter ). And they are all mediums for communicating.


In this session, we will cover the following fundamentals BEFORE you design the box (your website):

  • Creating a messaging framework across channels
  • Defining and applying a consistent style and voice to these messages and all audience-facing content
  • Identifying the desired calls-to-action you’d like people to take when reading the content
  • We’ll also discuss the other expertise you will want to collaborate with like SEO experts, UX, and design


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