Behavior-Driven Development with Drupal and

Presenters: pmelab

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Behavior-driven development is the art of establishing a common language, improving communication, create automatable tests and providing living, always-accurate documentation at the same time. Especially in large scale projects with complex workflows and many individual needs, it is an indispensable tool to ensure seamless communication, clear goals, and mutual understanding.


We are going to look deeper into the Gherkin language and its application to find out that it goes far beyond simple automated acceptance testing. And then we will show how to use the Cypress module for Drupal to add some simple automated acceptance testing to your Drupal project or module :)


Session content:


  • What is behavior-driven development?
  • What’s the relation to Domain-Driven Design?
  • Who writes scenarios?
  • Do’s and Don’ts for writing good scenarios
  • Example implementation in a Drupal project
  • Tips on maintaining a testable project
  • Comparison to Unit tests and testing strategies
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