Agile D8 Builds: Doing the Most Without PHP

Presenters: mabfire

Speaker(s):  Matt Cheney, mbyrnes

One of the design philosophies behind Drupal 8 is the ability to make simple things easy and complex things possible. While there is a lot of neat stuff “under the hood” with Drupal 8, this talk will discuss how you can leverage the Drupal 8 core stack to build pretty awesome websites without writing (or including) a line of custom or contributed PHP.

Gone are the days of needing to install several modules just to properly model your data. Gone are the days of needing to do a lot of wrangling just to get a WYSWIYG. Gone are the days of needing to install a module just to make a list of content. Gone are the days of needing custom code to export your configuration to even more custom code. Just build an agile plan for development and get to work.

Come join Matt Cheney from Pantheon and Molly Byrnes from Phase2 to see some live site building on stage and learn techniques to quickly and agiling build sites for prototypes or production.  

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