Automated testing with Drupal: What tests should we write?

Presenters: kmcculloch

The Drupal community has embraced automated testing tools like PHPUnit and Behat and there are plenty of tutorials online to help you get them up and running. But these guides always give a vague answer to the most pressing question: When developing a new Drupal site, exactly what tests should you write?

The CSRA/New Target web team at the Administrative Office of the US Courts is wrestling with this very question. Join us for a quick review of testing frameworks and philosophies and then help us as we consider the pros and cons of different tests we might write.

Are you already doing test-driven Drupal development? Please join us and share your experience. What kinds of tests do you write? Have you found some tests to be more helpful than others? Does the benefit of writing tests offset the expense of maintaining them? We need your input!

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