Behat and Drupal for Absolute Beginners

Presenters: alison, Nneka

From our last slide, for easier reference

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Are you tired of testing code changes on your sites like this: "ok now I'll click on everything I can think of that seems like it could be related enough to be at risk of breaking... and hopefully I don't forget anything..." ?  Good news!

It's a super practical session about using Behat to add automated testing to your Drupal development process!

You will receive step-by-step instruction to:

  • Set up Behat on a Drupal site (in a development environment)
  • Become acquainted with the step definitions that "come with" the setup
  • Write, run, and test a few Behat tests on the Drupal site

NOTE: We will briefly cover "what is Behat" / "what is behavior testing," but we will NOT go into extensive detail about these "whats" and "whys."  Our focus will be on DOING THE DANG THING, so you can come away with practical skills immediately applicable to your work as a developer.

Who should attend?  Site builders and front- or back-end developers who are comfortable with: Drupal, working from the command-line, and Drush.  Participants should also be at least somewhat familiar with working in a local development environment.

We will work with a Drupal 7 site, but you will be able to use these apply what you learn on any Drupal site (and non-Drupal sites!).

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