Presenters: Matt.Allen

CommunicateHealth specializes in building consumer-friendly websites with complex user interfaces for Federal Government agencies such as the Office of Disease Prevention and Promotion and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Every site we build has to be 508 compliant, but we think it’s important to go beyond the 508 compliance standard and make our sites accessible to all users by incorporating ARIA attributes.

At CommunicateHealth, we have built a library of examples with clearly documented, reusable code which we have made publicly available on github and will be releasing as Drupal modules in the future. During this session we will show examples of accessible interactions using ARIA attributes and some additional tricks to build slick, well-designed page elements while maintaining a high level of accessibility. A few of the elements that we will be discussing are:

  • Accordions
  • Tabbed interfaces
  • Off canvas menus
  • Content slideshows
  • Interactive infographics

We think that we have some great examples to share and go over during this presentation, but new tools and techniques are becoming available everyday. We’d love to hear how you are handling accessibility and incorporating ARIA attributes into your work too.

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Design, UX, and Accessibility