Beyond CMS. Drupal as a Universal Platform for Government Innovation

Presenters: mtndan

During the last decade we've experienced (and continue to experience!) a great tide of Drupal adoption in government. Today nearly 40% of .gov sites are powered by Drupal, and that number keeps growing. It's no secret why - time to market, a huge community, great experiences for site builders, and access to enterprise support.

The next wave of Drupal adoption will go far beyond web content management. As an orchestration platform for experiences, Drupal can do things like power the New York MTA's subway station kiosks, present micro-localized services to residents of the city of Louisville, segment visitors in real time and present personalized experiences on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms website, and serve as the underlying content platform for an entire country's government digital presence in Australia.

In this session we’ll explore ways in which Drupal can serve as an innovation platform, not just a CMS. We’ll look at organizations who are doing this today and look ahead to imagine how government can do this in the future. We’ll explore how Digital Services teams might leverage Drupal as a best of breed open source platform that supports modern development methodologies to innovate and provide better services for citizens.

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