Custom Code the Drupal Way

Presenters: matt.mendonca

You've looked at Drupal core. You've looked at the vast contributed ecosystem. However, you can't find anything that solves your problem. Or, perhaps, nothing that solves your problem completely.

What do you do?

Use the php filter to throw some code into a block! ✘
Cram a bunch of logic into a tpl file! ✘
Dunno! Views, probably! ✘
Write custom code the Drupal way! ✔

This session will introduce you to module developement in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Drupal's module system allows you to write maintainable and extendable code. It also allows you to extend existing code.

This sessions assumes an intermediate knowlege of php and of Drupal. It will cover:
- The what, why and how of Drupal modules (hooks, etc.)
- Developer resources
- Actually writing a custom module

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