Dynamic Content Display and Organization with Panels

Presenters: jasonglisson

Drupal’s template system is great, but for content editors with little to no PHP experience, it can be tough to create custom page layouts. If you need to spin up a dynamic page quickly or create a new page layout, Panels is the module for you! Panels allows you to create dynamic, flexible layouts using views, static content, and module content.  Additionally, it allows you to override page layouts that you wouldn’t normally have access to via the Drupal administration UI. This session will introduce the functionality available in Panels as well as best practices for organization and display.

What you will learn:

  • Overview of Panels, Mini Panels
  • When to use Panels and when not to
  • Building a variant with views and blocks
  • Creating site structure using Panels with context and arguments
  • Creating layouts using the built-in flexible builder
  • Creating custom Panels templates
  • Potential hang ups with Panels
  • Other modules to use in conjunction with Panels

Intended Audience: This session is designed for beginning to intermediate audiences.  Basic knowledge of Drupal and Views will be useful, but is not necessary.

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Site Building and Using Drupal