Handling Drupal Migrations - Best Practices

Speaker(s): siva.reddy, Todd.Blumenthal

Lean best practices about handling complex migrations of agency websites. Migrating site that are running on legacy CMS platforms such as Oracle UCM or Sharepoint to Drupal 7 / 8.    This session will cover:

  • Overview of DevOps eco-system for Drupal Development 
  • Best practices and tips on how to migrate from legacy CMS & proprietary platforms
  • Pitfalls to avoid during the migration process such as user roles, permissions, categorizing the data and architecture of the overall site (site structure).
  • Sample Case-study on migrating a major agency website to Drupal
  • Tips about roles and staffing the migration team?
  • Insights on how to mitigate risks associated with the migration process
  • ROI on switching to Drupal Short-term (1-3 years) and long-term (3-5 years) Perspective
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Coding and Development