Integrating 3rd party API’s with Drupal

Presenters: ClintonAtMobomo

Description: Drupal has a great structure but what happens when you need more than Drupal can provide? IYoutube, Twitter, and Amazon AWS Services are just some of the API options to bring in fresh, dynamic content into your site. This session will introduce some practical methods which help deliver new and trendy content to users.

What you will learn:

  • Overview of Services
  • That your users hate you and want to break your services
  • How to sanitize inputs to services
  • Methods of preventing heavy load on servers by caching
  • Fetching data from an external API
  • How to use Drupal hooks to save content
  • External APIs are not to be trusted (strange conditions, date errors, etc…)

Intended Audience: This session will be useful for both intermediate and advanced audiences. Knowledge of hooks, services, and PHP will be helpful, but more generalized content will be provided.

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Site Building and Using Drupal