Keynote: The NIH.Gov Journey into Drupal

Presenters: floraqian, rasheed

Richard Barnes serves as senior web designer of the website within the OD Online Information Branch at the National Institutes of Health. He began his career in graphic design three decades ago at USDA, when cut-and-paste required an X-ACTO knife and hot wax. (Yes, he has the scars to prove it!) At NIH, Richard produced award-winning print design in the Medical Arts and Photography Branch before being captivated by the Wild World of Web in the mid-nineties.


Flora Qian is the tech lead and architect for the Drupal CMS and brings more than twenty years of experience in software development across a wide range of technologies and platforms.

Prior to joining the NIH Web team in 2013, she served as Web manager, tech lead and lead engineer at various organizations and designed and developed many web, mobile and software systems.

Flora Qian has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, and she is always fascinated by emerging technologies.   In her spare time, she volunteers for non-profit organizations with her IT expertise in Washington DC.



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