Living Style Guide Based Workflow

Presenters: sarahjean

How do we go from field to plate when theming a Drupal 8 site with custom design comps? How can a Living Style Guide help collaboration between a design team, a dev team, and project stakeholders? How can a Living Style Guide increase velocity for agile teams and offer additional benefits like design consistency and fewer regressions?

This session will provide an overview of how a Living Style Guide centered workflow enables communication across teams. Drupal 8’s CSS standards have shifted from alphabetizing CSS rules to using OOCSS methods. Leveraging the technical improvements in Drupal 8's front end and modern atomic design patterns, we'll explore the numerous benefits for developers and non-developers alike.

Some topics we will cover at a high level:

    Breaking down designs into reusable components and patterns
    Choosing tools that are right for your project within the development workflow
    How build tools will keep your styles dynamically synced between your theme and your style guide
    The functional reasons for style guides and their importance to the integrity of your web design

This intermediate session is aimed connecting the dots between developers and designers!

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Design, UX, and Accessibility