The Missing Link: Designing and Building a Website Without a Back-End Developer

Is good collaboration possible without a full internal team? This session will present a unique perspective on an agency team’s collaboration methods throughout Drupal web build completed without an internal backend developer. In case-study format, the talk will consider the following:

  • Creating viable visual and creative directions without delivering a back-end build

  • A discussion of tools used to design and collaborate with external back-end developers

  • Agile methods used with the client development team and product owners

  • Lessons learned and challenges encountered

New tools, methodologies, and systems of thought are constantly developed to improve collaboration among agency teams. But what actually works? In this session, a project team will provide a detailed look at the completion of a Drupal web build for a new museum website in the DC metro area. The team took a creative-first approach to the project, and blended UX, technical, and visual considerations throughout the duration of the creation and theming of the website.

Session Takeaway: A detailed understanding of one project’s successes and the lessons learned from building a website without a backend development team.

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