Questex's Migration to Drupal 8 in Under 5 Months

Presenters: scalp, StevenPatz

Speaker(s): mdickey, spatz, wgu, ltabifor

Questex made a decision to build a new platform that would host all 60 of their Web properties, but were hesitant to do so on Drupal 8. After weighing the risk of being an early adopter they decided to go for it. At this session attendees will learn what are the roadblocks and delays they hit as well as what the benefits of going with D8 were. If you're interested in determining whether or not your company is ready for D8 this will help you answer many of the questions you undoubtedly have.

Topics covered:

  • Planning and preparation for the build
  • Module availability
  • Maintaining culture
  • Implementing Acquia Lift for user data collection
  • Noteable frustrations
  • D8 hosting concerns
  • Project management and product ownership decisions

Attendees of all experience levels can benefit. Given the time constraints we won't delve deeply into specifics of custom module development.

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Community and Being Human