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Out of the box Drupal? Sure, Drupal now comes with Ckeditor, Views and Forms but it’s still built as a flexible framework for building complex web applications. And flexibility comes at a cost. After you've installed your new site you still have a bit of work to do. This session will cover 10 often forgotten steps to really get your fresh installation together. We dive into things people forget to configure and more, like:

How to get a good start. You can build sites faster by taking a few initial steps to make development go smoother. 

Best practices for system and user settings. We’ll take a look at often forgotten configurations especially those that will make your buildout go smoother and those that benefit users. 

Understanding content type configurations and authoring settings. Get Content Types ready to fill up by getting configurations right.

Steps to properly configuring displays and strategies for leveraging View Displays throughout your Drupal site.

How to get the most out of blocks and techniques for using different types of blocks to layout content in your site.

Hidden settings for Views and tips on how to get the most out of views and optimize them for performance.

How best to configure Media from the start to make it easier for users to load images and for your theme to display them.

Get mail settings right and tools to make sure that notifications are delivered when people need them.

What to do before and during launch to make sure your site is ready to go live.


  1. Learn how to get from a bare installation to a usable site
  2. Learn basic steps not to miss in your installation
  3. Get tips on how to make your site more builder and user friendly

Target Audience

  • Site builders of any experience level
  • Developers and themers who are getting ready to build sites with Drupal 8

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Site Building and Using Drupal