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Validation is a big word that is used very little in government web builds. As UX experts, designers, developers, and project managers, we all need to work a little bit harder on proving our project’s worth with real, validated data. Unsurprisingly, the best form of validating your work is done by testing your users! User testing and validation are often sidelined on big, complicated web builds - but we must bring them to the forefront to do the best possible work.

In this session, UX experts Matt and Carlisle will lead you in discovering just what you can test to validate different types of work, why you should test often and always, and how you should tailor user validation exercises according to your government project. Most importantly, Matt and Carlisle will offer you strategies and a plan for “selling” your user testing plan to both your internal team and external stakeholders.

Those who attend this session will come away with a clear understanding in the following areas:


  • What it means to test and validate.

  • Why testing and validating assumptions is important.

  • Testing methodologies and approaches.

  • Selling your testing plan and gaining buy-in.

  • Methods for implementing tests


Validation doesn't have to be the elephant in the room. Learn how to do it, how to "sell" it, and how to get the best results to improve your government web build. 

This session is officially in the Design/UX track, but is open to project managers, developers, and just about anyone involved in government web builds! 

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