Behat for Beginners: Automated Testing in 5 Easy Steps

Presenters: cameron.hall

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What is automated testing, and why should you care?

Automated regression maintains the baseline of product readiness to test against for every deployment

-Regression can be built for:

--Content Types



--User Interactions


1. Define your baseline, and what you need to test

-Is your site a series of forms? Should you run a submission with each code change? Is your site heavily permissions based? Should you check all roles with each code change?

2. Define how you will manage this 

-Will you be using a build service like Jenkins or TFS? Or are you one developer pushing code through environments?

3. Define how you need your results

-Would you like results with every change that you commit, when packages are built for deployment, hourly, monthly?

4. Build it into your process

-If you work in sprints, build it into your integration and user acceptance testing time. If you work in waterfall, it is an excellent tool for regression throughout the phases of the project

5. Share and interact with the community

-Take advantage of the hard work of others who have mastered Selenium, or give away a test case that you're proud of so others can benefit



Installing Behat:


Triggering Behat Scripts with Builds:

Behat Screenshot Extension:

Web API Extension:

Behat Command Line:


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