Better UX Through Better Client Engagement

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If you've ever gotten a sitemap enthusiastically approved, only for your clients to scratch their heads about how to get their old content into the new information architecture; heard rave reviews of your wireframes, but been disappointed as lackluster content flowed into your layouts; or gotten buy-in on your recommended project direction after discovery, but witnessed the project stalling out as the client couldn't hold up their side of the bargain -- you know how frustrating it can be when you and your client aren't on the same page.

Our job is to design a great user experience, but it's often the job of others, ranging from our clients to our developers, to make that experience a reality. They rely on us for inspiration and direction on how to transform their websites; we rely on them to grasp this experience and bring it to life. By engaging your client throughout the design lifecycle, you'll make communication more transparent, reduce roadblocks, and help get the buy-in the project needs.

This session will provide an overview of ways to engage your clients, including:

  • Bringing the right people into the project at the right time to get the best feedback
  • Communicating what feedback you need (and what feedback you don't need) as you present deliverables
  • Illustrating how existing content will need to be retitled, rewritten, or removed to fit a new sitemap
  • Illustrating how existing content will need to be rewritten or creatively migrated to fit into a new layout
  • Keeping the momentum going after initial discovery by providing clear action steps

I'll also touch on how these steps will help your project teams with implementation.

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