Building your own Drupal 8 install profile

Presenters: alison

Learn how to build a portable, reusable, Drupal 8 install profile -- including some distribution concepts.  We'll start with just a little bit of background/context, and then dive into HOW to DO the THING itself :)  In other words, most of the session will focus on concrete steps and guidelines for getting going with distros/install profiles in Drupal 8.

Distributions and install profiles are great tools for development work, and of course, for providing a uniform starting point for numerous sites in your organization.  Each site that uses your distro/ip can have its own customizations, but, simply by starting from the same base, future support and maintenance become a whole lot easier.  Using a distro/ip can also help ensure best practices by site developers, it can provide a more cohesive UX for your organization's end users, and it can free up site development budget for Cool Stuff (from the time saved by not having to create a news content type and view that are basically the same as all the other news content types and views your team has built).

This session is suitable for folks who are generally Drupal-capable, but new to D8 install profiles.  Bring your laptop if you want to follow along!  Drupal 8 experience is not required, but would be helpful *if* you do want to follow along on your laptop (i.e. we will not cover how to get started with Drupal 8 as a whole, except when it applies to install profiles).

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