Come Sit in my Pod! Collaborating on Structured Content

Presenters: dmkelner

We know the drill. Structured content facilitates reuse, findability, SEO ranking, social sharing. It makes for content consistency. It frees your content to be used on any interface. But how do we get there?

The content model has long been considering the basis for structure content. And, indeed, we can argue that it ultimately defines and documents the data structure. But let's raise the question as to how we can influence the content model with multiple perspectives.

In this session, we get you thinking about how to create an interdisciplinary team responsible for the content model, and where this work fits into the overall website development project. We will cover:

  • Who should be involved in creating the content model.
  • What skills, perspectives, and deliverables each discipline brings to the table.
  • How different development methodologies may help or hinder the process.

This session is for everyone who ever asked, “Why don’t we have a field for that?”

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Design, UX, and Accessibility