Continuous Collaboration with Probo.CI

Presenters: jody

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Have you had any of these pain points?

- You've got a bunch of changes deployed to your development environment but you're asked to deploy just some of them to production. Now you have to spend hours carefully cherry-picking commits.

- You have tons of tickets in the 'Needs Review' column of your Kanban board. The senior developers never seem to have time to review everything. Eventually you just give up and mark them closed.

- You can't seem to get stakeholders to give you feedback on your development or staging environments. They want to wait until you're done the whole project and do final UAT. It's too confusing for them to figure out what's a bug and what is just not built yet. But you need their feedback early on to avoid blowing the budget and timeline at the end of the project.

- It keeps taking you twenty minutes or more to review one ticket because you always have to resync the database on your local environment, run updates and do other jobs. Then you end up having to do the QA too. 

We built to address these issues and it's helped us take our workflow to the next level.

Probo integrates with GitHub and Stash to quickly spin up disposable review environments for each pull request. You configure Probo to run all your deploy steps and any automated tests, like BDD or visual regression. 

This talk will be about the benefits of a continuous collaboration workflow and how to effectively use Probo and related workflow tools to improve your quality and efficiency. 

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