Diversity and Inclusion

Presenters: dmkelner

Last year our keynote with Allyson Kapin and Sibyl Edwards highlighted the need for diversity in our industry. Our job is to shape experiences on the web. We need to ask ourselves how we can create experiences that are inclusive and empathetic.

Microsoft has three inclusive design principles:

    1. Recognize exclusion - use your own biases as opportunities for inclusion

    2. Learn from diversity - perspectives that put people at the start of the process

    3. Solve for one, extend to many - design for people with disabilities benefits people universally

So how can we apply similar principles to the work we do, especially in the government and nonprofit space, where we are working for our constituents? The ability to create inclusivity starts with diverse teams.

Join us for a BoF style discussion to brainstorm programming that GovCon can offer at future events to bring diversity and inclusion to our local Drupal community.

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