How to get started with Docker, and should you?

Presenters: mcharest85, sateeshn

This presentation will be a very high-level look at the different benefits, challenges, and advantages of making the shift to Docker. We will discuss these items from the point of view of a DevOps professional as well as from a developer’s lay of the land.

From a DevOps perspective, there are many factors to consider before using Docker. This session will provide pointers to some of the common use cases, pitfalls, and things to consider that we have encountered in the process of our efforts to continuously enhance our deployment and delivery workflows.

As a developer, there are many different obstacles you may face when first deciding to take the next step in your local development journey. Management, installation, understanding the actual power of Docker and how it can better expedite your workflow, and continuing integration processes are what we will discuss during this session.

Presenters include: Mark Charest (mcharest85) and Sateesh Nutulapati (sateeshn)

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Devops, Performance, Security, and Privacy