Intuitive user experience for 320+ sites on one flexible platform!

Session Recording:

With large national organizations with several local chapters or offices, there tends to be common challenges around brand consistency and regional flexibility. This talk will dig into the UX and technical challenges that are common to these types of organizations, and how these challenges can be solved by implementing a Drupal platform coupled with a robust user experience strategy. is helping Americans start and grow small businesses with their free, confidential business advice. In order to have maximum reach and impact, SCORE teamed up with Phase2 to create a Drupal system that is flexible enough to accommodate 320+ local chapter sites that support their own content production, without eschewing overall brand and design standard of the national site.

SCORE’s new Drupal platform features carefully crafted user experience with an improved navigation system, robust taxonomy, and a flexible admin interface to improve the experience for users and local chapter site content editors. Through a process of simplification, SCORE and Phase2 were able to focus on delivering real business value by implementing UX enhancements built on a solid and flexible Drupal platform.

In this session, we will cover:

  • How SCORE developed a user-centered Information Architecture, including details on:
    • Creating a navigation and call to action pattern that improves user experience across the platform.
    • Establishing a taxonomy framework to help identify and expose useful site content.
  • How the new User Experience and Design supports a Content Strategy that reinforces the SCORE brand and lets users understand who SCORE is and what they do.
  • The strategy behind SCORE’s flexible admin experience.
  • The impact this platform has had on SCORE’s audience and helping them start and grow small businesses.
  • The thought process that went into deciding the appropriate multi-site strategy.
  • Technological approaches to allowing flexibility yet maintaining the overall brand and IA.


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