Taming Godzilla: Agile Drupal Development with JIRA and Confluence

Presenters: jtray

Session Recording: https://youtu.be/pySjS8DX2z8

JIRA is a powerful issue tracking, project management, and collaboration tool, but it can easily become a monster. While the Atlassian tools can accelerate agile development and empower teams to work together more effectively, they can also quickly become a burden to users and create unnecessary overhead for team members who are just trying to get their job done. This presentation will show how JIRA and Confluence can be leveraged to help teams work together throughout the lifecycle of a Drupal development project. For both technical and non-technical teams, learn about how these tools can help your teams communicate and collaborate more effectively through requirements definition, development, deployment, and support: 

  • Elaborating requirements with "living documentation" 
  • Agile sprint planning and (even when you might still need to be Waterfall)
  • How to take the "work" out of workflows 
  • When to use Kanban boards and when to use Scrum boards (or why not both?)
  • Creating meaningful and informative reports that people will actually use

This presentation will share best practices to help teams successfully tame the monster and use JIRA and Confluence to work together more efficiently.  

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