Accidental Win: Content Strategy Lessons from Building a Federal Agency Website from Scratch

Presenters: jaredthomasmeyer

This is the story of how a SCRUM team built a federal agency’s website from scratch using a decoupled Drupal 8. 

We did it two weeks at a time, without a plan or a governance model.

This is why you should never, ever do what we did.


This is the inside scoop of, a project we started in October of 2016, just before things at the organization went in a surprising direction. Sudden staff changes gave us an opportunity to try dramatically different methodologies and make bold decisions about the agency's digital presence. We (mostly) succeeded, but we also learned some pretty fantastic lessons.

This session is good for anyone who works on large website projects. You'll learn about the organizational elements that need to be in place for a team to succeed on a project using a content-first, user-centered approach.

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Content Strategy
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